Microsoft Surface Duo: Price, Release Date and Specifications

About Surface Duo:

Microsoft has for ages been rumored to be working on its own smartphone the so called Surface Phone since at least 2016. Well, we have a peek at what the firm has been working on all of these years. It is named Microsoft Surface Duo, and it is a fold-able Android smartphone.

Microsoft Chief Product Officer Panos Panay disclosed the Surface Duo through October 2019 surface event where he revealed how a device could do everything you’d expect from a modern smartphone. For example, you may utilize it to play with applications and make calls, and it could fit in your pocket.

Panay said the firm doesn’t see the new Surface Duo as a smartphone. Our best guess is that Microsoft needs this to be a new type of device, capable of behaving like the organization’s present devices, only it is pocket sized and may double as a phone.

Microsoft is apprehensive to release a cell phone because of its battles in that market. While laptops and tablets are powerful, Microsoft’s foray into mobile devices has been disastrous. It has failed to develop its own adequate mobile OS, and its acquisition by Nokia flopped. It eventually stopped its Windows Phones effort altogether in 2017. None of these changes the Surface Duo is a smartphone, but even though it can make Microsoft nervous.

Microsoft Surface Duo Price & Release Date:

Microsoft has declared this device earlier. We assume, in an effort to receive devs on board and give them lots of time to receive their applications ready. Otherwise they’ll have to build completely new ones. The Surface Duo will ship from the vacation period of 2020.

That suggests you will be waiting over a year to get one of those into your pocket. Considering this is an early version of the device we would not be amazed to see design and changes occur in the months leading up to release.

As the device is so far out that Microsoft didn’t mention any pricing on stage. It’ll be interesting to see how much this phone comes in at, and we’d suspect it’ll be at least on par with the high-end £1049 iPhone 11 Pro. Samsung now sells the Galaxy Fold for £1800. Huawei Mate X another more traditional fold-able phone looks set to break the £2000 barrier whenever it comes out.

Microsoft Surface Duo Specifications:


Details are slim at that moment. However, This much we know for sure: Microsoft Surface Duo is a fold-able, Surface branded smartphone which runs Android, although a heavily skinned version of Google’s mobile OS that actually reminds us of the newest Windows 10 XS. Which Microsoft also just announced. It appears to provide access to Android applications and will even allow you to set or accept calls.


The surface duo includes a Snapdragon 855 chip, but that might not be at the finished production unit. Bear In mind, the Surface Duo is in ancient trailer. It will not even be available to purchase for some time, so specs and many features have yet to be confirmed.

Microsoft Surface Duo Design & Display:

The Microsoft Surface Duo looks Like a reduced version of Microsoft Surface Neo, a double screen tablet introduced in Microsoft’s October 2019 event. However, as a smaller device, and one that may make forecasts, The Surface Duo is possibly a fold-able phone.

The surface duo has two 5.6 inches screens. But as opposed to other fold-able phones, its displays are manufactured from Gorilla Glass only split by a really visible hinge. While this means it is not quite as smooth an experience as the Huawei Mate X or the only launched Samsung Galaxy Fold.

Using thoroughly Tested durable glass may keep the Surface Duo from experiencing problems seen by ancient fold-able. The Galaxy Fold’s plastic display is still breaking even following its refinements.

Unfolded, the Duo stretches to 8.3 inches that is only bigger than the iPad Mini 5 with its 7.9 inches display. It may be bent farther than the full 360 degrees, in fact, allowing for front-to glass. The opposite is true, also, since duet can be folded shut, without an outside screen.

The first handheld device in a very long time that will not require a cover to defend its screens. The Duo will operate Android presumably whatever comes following Android 10, which introduced the support for both fold-able screens.

Microsoft said on stage that the Duo will be compatible with all Android applications. That sets it apart from the bigger Surface Neo, that will run Windows 10X a forked version optimized for screen action.