LG V60 ThinQ Price, Release Date and Specifications

About Phone:

LG V60 ThinQ is going to be the successor of LG V40 that was released last year with a large ugly notch. However, there are rumors that this isn’t going to happen in LG V60 ThinQ, yes LG V60 ThinQ is coming without topnotch. They put some flipping thing in their phone or might be doing something like Samsung does within their Galaxy S10. Dive in to the detail review of LG V60 ThinQ and what it might look like.

LG Electronics is once a best Electronics company in the entire world however this isn’t a thing now because theirs are a number of other electronics firms that are doing very well in the electronics department, such as Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei, Motorola etc.

LG V60 ThinQ Price & Release Date:

LG’s V series mobile phones have never been inexpensive, and with the V60, we are not anticipating that aspect to modify at the slightest. For comparison’s sake, the LG V50 costs a hefty $1000 while an unlocked V40 carries a retail price of $950. Which means we may anticipate the V60 to be either close or cross the $1000 threshold if it ends up having a dual screen design.

Therefore, lets talk about the release date of LG V60 ThinQ, LG V40 was released in the October 2018, so we may assume that LG V60 ThinQ will release in the month of October or Nov this year because these company smartphones utilize to follow their time table of release the devices plus they’re pretty same annually.

LG V60 ThinQ Specifications:

LG V60 ThinQ might come along with no notch because everybody is hating it, and several companies such as Huawei, Samsung, Vivo and Oppo took a step in removing notches from their phones, Samsung actually never put a notch on their phone they always make fun of that. So let’s dive into the detail specifications and features of LG V60 ThinQ.

LG V60 ThinQ Design & Display:

LG has introduced its P OLED display in the last year V series phones that was very impressive and perfome far better in the department of colour accuracy then AMOLED display. There are rumors that LG is going to put the same P OLED display in the LG V60 ThinQ which is actually a deal breaker display.

There are chances that this display comes along with a camera pinch hole like Samsung S10 or without pinch hole can be this phone is something like sliding to view the front facing camera or something like that, because they’ve decided to remove the notch this year.

LG V60 ThinQ Hardware & Software:

LG series are pretty much good in hardware perspective than numerous other mobile phones in the market, they always put something more powerful than their other flagship series. The V60 ThinQ may have the Snapdragon 845 the latest chip-set with an octa core speed upto 3.0 Ghz.

It will be powered by 8 GB Memory with a storage capacity of 128 GB. Which might be expandable up-to 1 TB via memory card. There are the chances that LG V60 ThinQ won’t have the headset jack because it became common in virtually all the most recent mobile phones and LG also meet the market needs and requirements of their users.

Google is releasing its latest Android versions every six months. The LG V40 comes along with Andriod Oreo 8.1 that was the most recent Android of that time, and there are chances that the LG V60 ThinQ will come out with Android Pie 9.0 which is the most recent android till the date.

LG V60 ThinQ Camera:

Camera demand is growing like wildfire now by the day because of social media. Virtually all the flagship phones that were released this year has more than 1 camera configuration for both front and the back, then why LG keep them-self behind. There are rumors that new LG phone may have the triple camera configuration for both front facing camera and the main camera.

The front Selfie shooter is going to be 8 MP in all 3 cameras and the main cameras are going to be 16 MP with auto focuse, 4K video recording, background blur effects and all the most recent effects which are comments on the market now a days.

LG V60 ThinQ Battery:

We always used to say, if your phone doesn’t have a very good battery then you do not have a very Good phone, battery is the main thing for each phone if your battery has a poor life then you’ve a poor phone because it isn’t going to last longer phone you and once its battery is dead, it becomes useless. Smart phone companies are working pretty hard to make good batteries for their phones plus they’re also making progress.

Similarly LG V40 has come along with a 3300 mAh battery, which is a very good battery for a smartphone like then and could give you a full day on a charge. There are rumors that LG V60 ThinQ will come along with the 4000 mAh battery that could help the telephone last one and a half day, but as we know LG V60 ThinQ comes along with larger processor and Memory.

There are chances that this isn’t a bargain because to run these heavy things the phone needs current and it might make the battery life to a day on the heavy usage. This phone will also come along with Quick Charge 4.0 that can charge the phone at 80% on half an hour fee and it’s pretty awesome. It also have Qi fast wireless charging 10W.

LG V60 ThinQ Sensors:

On screen fingerprint sensors are getting fame pretty fast and these are getting batter and batter with time. There are some rumors that LG V60 ThinQ will come along with on screen fingerprint sensor which is much batter then Samsung and several other mobile phones that we’ve now a day.

This phone will be the all screen phone, means no notch and anything like that they could put the front facing camera to the flipping machine or can be do something like Samsung does in Galaxy S10, put a punch hole on the display.