HBO Max: Price, Release Date, Movies, Shows and Features

About HBO Max:

AT&T Already runs a parade of streaming video solutions: HBO Go, HBO Now, AT&T TV, AT&T TV Now and AT&T Watch TV. Why not add another? . AT&T will launch HBO Max, its option designed to take on Netflix. However the most crucial particulars about HBO Max stay unclear.

Which should change when AT&T’s Warner-Media unit will make a presentation to investors and analysts that is expected to fulfill from the largest blanks about HBO Max. HBO Max will be the vanguard of AT&T’s front in the so called streaming wars.

With Netflix ruling the transition to streaming Television, a slew of important media and technology companies are starting their very own streaming options from the next 6 months to compete. Apple kicks off its streaming venture, Apple Television Also, with nine names on Nov. 1, followed rapidly by Disney’s high profile supplying.

Disney Also, on Nov. 12 with a massive catalog of shows, films and originals. NBC-Universal’s Peacock will go head-to-head with HBO Max early next year, and they will all face down established competition from Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and others.

Tuesday’s HBO Max demonstration, starting 2 p.m. PT, is likely to clarify how AT&T’s entrant from the streaming wars will set itself apart from the rest: Just how much HBO Max will cost, what makes it overwhelmingly distinct from all the other approaches you can watch HBO, and eventually what is in store for Warner-Media’s crown jewel Television franchise, Game of Thrones.

HBO Max Price & Release Date:

The streaming service HBO Now prices $15 per month, so speculation about HBO Max’s price has been roped to this price point. A report in June said the company was contemplating $16 to $17 per month, however, another report last month stated AT&T could cost HBO Max in parity with HBO at $15 per month.

More lately, an analyst supposed the cost might be $12 per month without advertising and $8 per month with ads. The rival streaming services which are starting before HBO Max are pricing their offerings. Disney Plus will be $7 a month, and Apple Television Plus will be $5 monthly and both are providing up deals which can cut the cost further or providing opportunities for prolonged periods lasting up to a year.

AT&T stated on Friday it is planning to include HBO Max free of charge to its data subscribers that also pay for HBO, which the company binds to 10 million subscribers. Thus far, AT&T has stated HBO Max will launch in the spring of 2020, but the business is likely to uncover the particular launch date for Tuesday presentation.

Reports have indicated that society is currently eyeing Apr for the roll-out. It is going to be part of a bunch of streaming service launches then. Comcast’s NBC-Universal will establish its service, Peacock, in Apr, which is the same month as the introduction of Quibi, a mobile service from the Hollywood giant Jeffrey Katzenberg, that will concentrate on bite size films.

HBO Max Movies & Shows:

HBO Max is likely to include all the shows and films HBO has. And a few additional programming that was exclusive. Tuesday’s presentation should explain exactly what’s and is not included. Table bets for HBO Max are that it comprises the breadth of the programming of HBO.

In order that comprises its library of films and documentaries. Fresh Episodes from a series like Watchmen, West-world. Last week tonight with John Oliver and the remainder, along with previous seasons of Game of Thrones, Sex and the City, Silicon Valley, VIP, etc. AT&T has been sealing deals for other titles to fill out HBO Max’s catalog.

Notably, Warner-Media spent $425 million to win the rights to most of incidents of hit Friends, that Will be coming off Netflix on flow on HBO Max at 2020. Then Warner-Media struck a reported $500 million deal to procure streaming rights to reruns of the big bang theory.

It is also guaranteed deals for Doctor Who. CW drama such as Pretty Little Liars, Bat-women and River-dale Spy Katie Keene, along with The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

HBO Max Features:

Like its competitors, HBO Max will possess original. Nicole Kid-man and Reese Wither-spoon are individually producing jobs for the ceremony. J.J Abrams has signed a monster deal with Warner-Media in Sept that’ll incorporate programming for HBO Max.

Their projects combine a pipeline of comedies, thrillers, coms roms, dramas and animated shows and films set for the ceremony. However, the originals that draw on the most interest might be future series from the area of Game of Thrones.

HBO has numerous possible series in development. Such as one, a prequel focused on Targaryens with Naomi Watts. Which has completed shooting pilot. Tuesday’s presentation can see an announcement that the prequel was given the go ahead to be made into a series.

We might hear of other Game of Thrones jobs winning pilots, too let alone whether any of those Will be exclusive originals on HBO Max or its heart HBO cover services.

HBO Max vs The Rivals:

HBO Max is predicted to be comparable to HBO and HBO Go Now. But with additional programming that you would not get solely from HBO. Generally, HBO Now and HBO Go are almost the exact same product. The main distinction is that uses them: Anyone may register to get HBO for $15 per months.

While HBO Go is the program for individuals that already have a HBO subscription by means of a live TV supplier like satellite or cable. The two HBO Now and HBO Go stream the programming on Warner-Media’s traditional HBO network. HBO Now and HBO Go do not have feeds of HBO networks. But they provide the same shows and films for on demand. Viewing as soon as they are available for traditional TV subscribers.

AT&T TV is very comparable to one of those satellite or cable services, except it is delivered over the internet. AT&T TV consists of stations, DVR and video on demand that cable subscribers are acquainted with, in addition to the capability to stream from programs like Netflix and Pandora.

To watch on TVs, AT&T TV has its own proprietary streaming box that AT&T requires you use, and subscribers can watch everything on mobile devices with a program too. It begins at $59.99 per month.


AT&T TV Now, on the other hand, is a service along the lines of Sling Television or YouTube TV. In the event that you had been familiar with Direct-TV AT&T TV Now is the renamed version of that service. As opposed to needing a box. It allows subscribers to stream live stations to Rokus, Apple televisions, Fire televisions and more.

The stations are available on a program as well. It also has a cloud DVR. Services such as this are sometimes called package streaming services, but the cheapest package of AT&T TV Now is not especially skinny $50 per month includes over 45 live stations.

It is not quite as robust as AT&T TV, that is supposed to replicate the giant cable packs of traditional TV. AT&T Watch TV is closer to a traditional skinny bundle. It provides over 35 stations, including AT&T owned TBS, TNT and CNN. AT&T Watch TV is a perk comprised with unlimited AT&T wireless data plans.

But anyone can register for it to get $15 per month. It had been designed as a mobile first provider, but you can stream AT&T Watch TV to televisions with a few boxes, including Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, but others aren’t supported, such as Roku boxes.

HBO Max 4K Support:

Right now, there is no word on whether HBO Max provides streaming video in 4K or large dynamic range resolution. Currently, the HBO Now streaming service, that Provides streaming access to HBO programming without cable subscription. Doesn’t provide any of the high resolution formats for video.

But with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and also the coming Disney+ service offering 4K streaming video. There is reasons to believe Warner-Media will need to make the exact same to remain competitive.